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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Perfect Your Smile

Put Esthetic and Functional Problems Behind You

Are you self-conscious about cosmetic imperfections or missing teeth? A perfect smile may be closer than you think! Dental bridges and dental crowns are popular and cost-effective methods for replacing imperfect or lost teeth. Crowns and bridges are customized to fit comfortably and blend seamlessly with your remaining healthy teeth. With proper maintenance, crowns and bridges will give you dependable performance for numerous years. The talented dentists at Bela Family Dentistry have decades of experience providing these restorative treatments. What’s more, with our advanced dental technology, we can complete these treatments quickly and with consistent results. Here at our comfortable office, we’ll discuss your individual smile goals before customizing a treatment plan that will deliver the smile you desire!
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Dental Crowns Provide Beauty and Function

A dental crown, sometimes called a cap, adjusts the size, strength, and shade of worn, cracked, or stained teeth to be consistent with those that surround it. We often place dental crowns to strengthen your tooth after you’ve had root canal treatment or a large cavity filled. Constructed from strong, lasting and composite materials, dental crowns look like authentic teeth and remain firm and durable once affixed to your teeth. We can produce crowns right here in-house and provide comprehensive treatment in a single visit! Dental crowns provide many benefits, including:

Dental Bridges Mean No Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a set of dental crowns that actually span the gap created by a lost or extracted tooth. With the neighboring teeth as anchors, dental bridges can return biting and chewing power to this part of your mouth. Though we must first trim some enamel off of your teeth, your final bridge will offer a snug, personalized fit and look like real teeth. We’re dedicated to using only the highest quality restorative materials so that your bridges will maintain their strength and beauty long after placement. Our dental bridges offer significant advantages, such as:
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A complete new smile awaits you.

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