The Consequences of a Missing Tooth

I’M MISSING A TOOTH. NOW WHAT? Babies typically get their first teeth around six months of age and all 20 of their primary teeth by the age of three. Adults have 32 teeth,  or just 28 if they, as many do, have had their wisdom teeth removed. Yet in the U.S. adults between the ages of […]

How Do I Help the Tooth grinder in My Family

GRINDING TEETH Do you have a tooth grinder in your family? Or worse yet, are you the guilty one? The good news is you are not alone. According to recent statistics, as many as 40 million adults and children in the US suffer from this condition known as bruxism. There are no exact numbers as […]

Top 10 Questions About Teeth Grinding

TEETH GRINDING Did you know that rabbits purr? So do rodents like squirrels and rats! Much like how a cat purrs when it is content, these critters grind, or brux, their teeth—creating a sound like that of purring. For these animals, their teeth are constantly growing enamel, so their happy grinding habit, along with lots and lots of chewing, […]

How To Find The Best Dentist Near You

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TIPS FOR FINDING A DENTIST THAT MEETS YOUR FAMILY’S NEEDS Have you ever Googled a phrase that ended with “near me”? Coffee near me. Restaurants near me. Fun things to do near me. Time is precious and life is busy. It makes sense that you want to find services that can fit seamlessly into your […]

5 Ways To Get Your Family Excited About Dental Health

MAKE GOOD ORAL HEALTH A FAMILY THING As a parent, you know you don’t have to ask your kids twice whether they would like to do something fun, right? But it isn’t quite the case when it comes to them brushing their teeth. That is because oral care is “boh-ring” and such an “adulting” thing […]

The Top 10 Questions About Invisalign

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Is Invisalign right for you? Orthodontic treatment can be incredibly beneficial, providing adults and kids alike with better bites, straighter teeth, and the increased self-confidence that accompanies these improvements. While most patients are familiar with braces, you may have questions about new treatments like Invisalign. Here are the top 10 questions we hear at Bela Family […]

5 Culprits of Tooth Pain and What To Do When It Strikes

TOOTH PAIN CAN STRIKE AT ANY TIME We all know that feeling, right? It’s late on a Saturday night and out of nowhere tooth pain strikes. Or you have had a dull, throbbing pain in your tooth for days, but all of a sudden it feels like someone’s hitting your tooth with a hammer. Almost […]

8 Things I Wish I Had Known About Invisalign

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Invisalign vs. Braces You have likely heard about Invisalign, the transparent aligners that can provide you with a straight and attractive smile. However, you may not have all the information about this amazing orthodontic innovation. Here are 8 valuable facts about Invisalign, including ways this aligner system can give you or your child a new smile […]