Your Smile But Better: Five Ways To Improve Your Smile Without Over-Improving It

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TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? Those glaringly white, completely even celebrity smiles that many consider “perfect” can actually be unsettling and off-putting when encountered in “real life”. No one naturally has a truly perfect smile. This is why we always recommend an “imperfectly perfect” smile to achieve a natural-looking end result you can feel […]

Hidden Fun In Wagener, SC

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From Food to Parades, Five Incredible Activities in Our Town SMALL-TOWN FUN IN WAGENER, SC Wagener is a small town by any standard. With a population of under 1,000 residents, our home can’t compare in terms of scale to most nearby cities like Aiken and Augusta, GA. However, just because we are small does not […]

You Need Your Teeth, Here’s How to Keep Them

Ask anyone what they remember about their grandma, and chances are you’ll hear about dentures floating in a glass of water on her bedside table. Thankfully times have changed, and while aging might still mean wrinkles and graying hair, it no longer has to mean decaying teeth and tooth loss. Let’s face it, you need […]

The Way We Spend

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Time and money are the currencies of life. Money is used to buy something of perceived value or need, and time is used in much the same way. What people spend their time and money on varies from person to person and highlights their areas of priority. There are as many different ways to spend […]

5 Ways We Make Dentistry Convenient and Comfortable for You

The days of orthodonture machines have long-since passed, thanks in part to the invention of the reclining dentist chair in 1958. Sixty years later, levels of technology, knowledge, and service in the dental industry have only improved at an increasingly faster rate. Here at Family Dentistry of Edgefield, we believe it is our duty to stay on the […]

Five Great Things About Edgefield, South Carrolina

EDGEFIELD IS A TOWN WITH HISTORY Edgefield, to date, has produced ten of the 117 state governors who’ve held office in South Carolina. And that’s a fact we’re proud of here in this little town of ours. Once part of the Great Wagon Road from the North and later the Federal Road to the West, […]

10 Things You Have to Try in Newberry, South Carolina

LIFE IN NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA While no one could mistake Newberry for a major metropolis, this friendly town has a lot to offer. Newberry is the jewel of the South Carolina Midlands, a well-preserved historic location, a cultural center, and the home of Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry. Don’t let the size fool you. There are […]


THE ULTIMATE ORAL HEALTH GUIDE FOR THE COST-CONSCIOUS You already know the basics of oral care, but here are some other great dental health tips that will keep your teeth healthy and your wallet happy. When it comes to staying on top of your health, many people think that just means eating well, exercising often, […]